Spotlight on Michael and Rachel Ludwig

Michael and Rachel Ludwig entered mission service as a result of God’s subtle call and their careful listening.

“We feel like God has prepared us for a long time to serve in Niger with its different opportunities and challenges for learning, serving, and living.”, says Rachel.

Only 30 percent of the people in Niger can read and write.  Nigerians seeking literacy skills often approach pastors, typically the most educated people in their communities, for assistance.  The Ludwigs’ work in Niger will strengthen the literacy skills of both Christians and Muslims. The Nigeriens who approach pastors seeking to learn how to read and write are from both religions.  The Ludwigs teach people valuable skills, build goodwill with Muslim neighbors, and offer a respectful witness to the Christian faith.  “Our hope is that the church is better able to reach out with physical help through teaching and spiritual help through relating the good news of Jesus Christ,” Michael says.



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