Samaritan's Purse Shoe Box Project Needs You

 It’s SHOE BOXES for children around the world for Christmas time again!

Each October we take our packed shoe boxes to the drop off station at New Hope, who collects all boxes from the area churches. From there, they go to a drop off station for all of Michigan, and finally to a national distribution center.  Hundreds of volunteers help along the way to make it possible to bring a smile to a child somewhere in the world at Christmas.

Says organizer Jan Doak, "Last year  TAPC surpassed our goal and our members packed 60 boxes of love.  Call me wild and crazy but I am challenging you to 75 boxes this year!"

You will soon see the shoe boxes and the directional flyer that goes with it. Meanwhile, watch for bargains as you shop this summer to fill your shoe boxes with.  Once they come in feel free to take as many as you and your family can pack.

As always if you do not want to shop for a box you may give a donation of $25 or more to me and I will see that a box is packed in your name or put towards a box.  Each shoe box normally runs about $25-$35 with a donation of $7 for postage.  You can also just donate towards postage which is also needed.  Whatever you choose to do will bring a smile to a child’s face at Christmas, who otherwise would not know the joy of a gift given in love in the name of Jesus.

Questions? Call  Jan Doak at 362-0650.


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