"Giving Tuesday"

What is Giving Tuesday?

    You’ll be hearing about Giving Tuesday over the next few weeks at TAPC. But you’ll be pleased to know that it has a connection to our community and our church.

    You can support your community and redefine the spirit of giving this season with Giving Tuesday. The Community Foundation has partnered with local nonprofit organizations to make giving back to your community fun and easy.

    The Community Foundation has selected ten nonprofits in the area to participate in their program. One of those selected organizations is Helping 2 Overcome (“H2O”), a locally-based group dedicated to giving youths in need the extra help and support. 

    H2O is a small group that has nevertheless done some amazing things in our town. Maybe you saw their presentation given at TAPC just a few weeks ago. Their target is underprivileged or disadvantaged kids who need to be lifted up emotionally. The activities H2O does with the kids help increase their confidence and sense of self-worth.

    TAPC member Jill Gould is one of the chief operatives of H2O, and the group’s dedication to their cause has inspired TAPC to “adopt” them and help them in any way we can. Which brings us to Giving Tuesday.

    On November 28th, from 12:00 a.m. to 11:59 p.m., you can make an online donation to H2O. Just go to on that day and make your donation. It’s that simple.

    Remember, the opportunity to give is available on that one day only. So mark your calendar to remind yourself, and on November 28 spend a few minutes online to help out a great locally-based organization. 

    You don’t have to empty your wallet, either. If you have five or ten dollars to give, please do, because those donations add up quickly. With that in mind, please share this information with your friends and family. (Of course, H2O would be happy with larger donations too!)

    Giving Tuesday is a wonderful way to give back to our community, and to give to a local group that needs the funds. Remember Giving Tuesday and H2O on November 28.



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